10 Jobs for Fresh Graduates

10 Jobs for Fresh GraduatesAre you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Are you amongst the hundreds who have been forwarding their resume, but are not getting any positive response? If that is the case, we have some excellent news for you. There are many jobs that are willing to take in fresh graduates. These jobs may not be very well paying but they give you an entry into the industry and make it easy for you to grow from here.

So, here is a look at your options:

Sales executive: For many organisations, the buying-selling process is constantly on. You can easily get absorbed as a sales executive. Mind you, this is just the entry level option. Work hard and a sales job can really take you places.

Programmer: If you have little knowledge about computers, do a programing course and you will be surprised at the way in which your opportunities can multiply. What’s more is that applying to such jobs does not require too much experience.

Content Developer: Companies are in dire need of

How To Choose And Launch The Career You’ll Love

How To Choose And Launch The Career You'll LoveToday’s tough challenges:

– Exploding job choices.

– Why 50% stay stuck in the wrong job.

– Career decisions are complicated.

Part of the challenge in getting started to uncover the right career is learning about the exploding job choices.

For the first time in human history we have a huge, increasing number of choices for work. A growing number of new job categories are being created because of the increasing complexity and options inherent with frequent change, new work processes and all the new technologies.

But as the number of types of jobs gets bigger, the amount of specialization required to fill these positions also increases. For the job or career-seeker this situation actually reduces the number of choices a person has unless they have a directed goal, appropriate training, and background or apprenticeship in a field of their choice. As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to leave a current job, even though its unsatisfying, and go off in search of a better life-unless you know how to navigate with a plan.

Learn How to Answer Interview Questions

Learn How to Answer Interview QuestionsYou can learn how to give a good job interview the same way you learned how to get good at playing golf, riding your bicycle, skiing, or shooting hoops. You practice a lot. Similarly, you’ll learn how to answer interview questions by writing them down and rehearsing your answers.

Professional golfer Tiger Woods didn’t learn how to putt by playing in the Master’s tournament. Tiger’s background was filled with practice. He practiced alone and a lot. Woods entered competition only when he mastered the use of his putter.

You haven’t earned the right to compete at interviews until you’ve mastered the use of your interview skills.

Rehearse a couple of questions often asked at interviews
While there are a handful of tricky, tough, and even embarrassing questions you could be asked, let’s focus on just two of them today: Why are you looking for a job? And, “Tell me about yourself?”

“Why are you looking for a job?”
This question might also be asked in another way: “Are you still working

Ways to save when you have limited income

Everybody has plans to land their dream job. For some people, this happens right out of college, but for others it may take some time. Until this happens, you’ll unfortunately probably work a job that doesn’t pay very well. Although some people may find it difficult to stop living paycheck to paycheck and save when they have limited income, it is very much possible.

Here are a few ways you can save when you have limited income.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses: a lot of people have expenses that they don’t need. For example, gym memberships and cigarettes. When you get the chance, sit down and take a look at what you’re spending your money on. If there is anything that you really don’t need, get rid of it and put the money you have been spending on this particular item in savings.

Create a budget: Creating a budget will allow you to have better control of your spending. If you have decided that everything you purchase is necessary, the you should at least set a limit so you aren’t spending all of your money on these things. Thanks to this

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Pet

Moving to a new country and starting a new life can be one of the most incredibly difficult things a person can do. Starting a new life in a foreign country and becoming financially stable is an incredible feat that is intensely demanding. Aside from learning a new language and fitting into a new culture you will have to be able to make the money you need to become financially stable and support all of your various needs. On top of all of this you need to plug yourself in to some sort of social network so making and having friends can be quite an ordeal and challenge. Sometimes to cope with the stress and the loneliness of being in a strange place with new people you do not know, having an animal companion can help. Any person who has been close to their pet knows that they will do anything to take care of that pet and no expense can be spared on their health. The only problem is that medication and bills for treatment can sometimes end up being incredibly expensive. However it does not need to be that way and with Groupon all of your pet needs

Pointers That Will Help You Choose The Right Career

Getting a job should not be just about the money, but should be based more on fulfillment and fruitfulness. Most people make the mistake of going for careers and jobs because of the pay and they end up being very unhappy. To avoid situations where you get bored just waking in the morning, you should be careful with the career path that you choose. Fortunately, there are pointers you can use to direct yourself into a career bound to be most fulfilling.


Interests can be in the form of hobbies and where you want to see yourself in the future. You can start all the way down your school days, what you loved doing or enjoyed doing. Nothing can be better than to find yourself in a job that you just love and enjoy doing and you can use your hobbies to select. Make a list of things that appeal to you and the things that you love doing and then place them into a career and you stand to be happy all your life.


The questions here should be what you are good at. Skills take many forms it could be

What Are The Various Kinds of Jobs For Freshers

If you have the right qualification, a good job is not hard to get. All you require is a little direction and of course guidance to search for the right opportunities. It is not necessary that your first shot at getting a job is your last one. More important, is to secure a breakthrough, get into the industry and of course continue to grow.

However, if you are a fresh graduate struggling to secure a job in any profile, it is important to learn about the right approach. In fact, many a times, the only reason why people miss out on a number of good job opportunities is because they are unable to categorise their options and organise their approach.

Today, we live in a technically advanced era, so make the most of it! Use the internet and series of other details to understand the job opportunities around you. Another good thing to do will be to register yourself on websites like Monster and other job portals. This way you will be updated with the latest opportunities that you are eligible for.

Now that we have introduced you to the basics of looking for the

New Overtime Rules Stay Within Budget Know Your Options

Did you know that rules for paying overtime have changed? They changed on May 1st, 2016.

“The U.S. Department of Labor is expected to release a new overtime rule in May that could have a big impact on small business payrolls.” “The current weekly minimum for salaried, overtime-exempt employees is $455. That will increase to $921 a week for most full-time salaried workers when the rule changes this spring.” “Small employers may misclassify employees as exempt just because they receive a salary and perform non-manual work.´

Remember you don’t have to pay for full time employees. You have options.

Stay within Budget

1099 Contractors – you may choose to use 1099 Independent Contractors. There are rules to follow if you use this classification for your help. They are not employees so technically you cannot dictate their schedule. They work when they want to and you contract with them for work when you have work to do. I’ve seen this used in the construction industry, real estate industry, and by many small business owners who do not need full-time employees. I’ve also seen this used by small business owners who did not want to pay

Advantages of Having a Government Job As a Career

The younger generation has the least amount of interest in government jobs, but it is safe to say that there is still a very large crowd out there that is deeply aspiring for a government job. There might be quite a few disadvantages when it comes to a government job but there are many advantages on the contrary that make these jobs all the more attractive in the long run.

Get your pay/salary on time

It doesn’t matter whether the country you are in is going through depression or recession. You will get your salary on the due date without any delay and this is followed each and every month. It is one of the important things to consider.

You are pensionable until death

You can avail your pension until you die. This means that there is a complete and a full proof insurance your entire life. This is not available in a private job.

Free time

It is easily understandable that the workload in a government job is near to negligible. This can give you a lot of free time to do other lively activities and enjoy your life. Activities like

Top Career Advice More Choices and A Better Way of Life

Why Career Advice Is So Important

Choosing a career presents a nerve-racking decision, as it can have a life-long impact on you. Do not fret, as you can gain a clearer outlook into your future by thorough career planning.

Having a clear vision of the future can guide you by helping you set career goals and helping you on your way towards attaining them. Whether you are starting out on a new career or looking to change your current career, you will benefit enormously from taking sound advice.

Don’t Spend Most of Your Life Doing …

Chances are that you will be spending a great deal of time at your job, about 40 hours a week. Career advice and career profiling can guide you to a job that is enjoyable for you and matches your interests.

There are many reasons people change their careers and career advice can help them along the way. Some frequently cited reasons are:

· Stuck in a dead end job.

· Lost interest in current line of work.

· Gained a new interest in a different career option.

A Job For Life … Not

Midlife Career Change Success in 7 Simple Steps

Midlife career change, find career change success in 7 simple steps.

A mid-life career change can be a challenging project. Think about the possible results after you make the career change. The rewards should bring you new job satisfaction and fulfill a range of personal and financial needs.

Midlife career changes occur for a variety of reasons. One reason not to stay in your current career is that you’ve achieved some success and you then rationalize staying in a job as you are becoming more and more disillusioned and miserable. Another thing you might hear is that you shouldn’t be changing careers because at your age it either can’t be done and you should be satisfied “you do have a job don’t you.”

Leaving one career for another for the wrong reasons will not fix the problems; it will just transport them to a new location.

As you develop your midlife career change plan here are 7 steps to consider:

1. Where are you now? Carefully consider you current career. Is there anything you can do to make the situation better? Can you transfer to another career with the same employer? Is it

When Does a Job Become a Career

For those who are employed now, along with those who are searching for a job, employment at its basis represents a need. For many people that need is related to a source of income and for those who are unemployed it becomes a necessity that reduces the amount of perceived selectiveness when weighing possible options. In other words, the first job (or any job) that comes along may be accepted whether or not it is the best possible choice. If it wasn’t the best option, the process of searching for a better job begins or continues. That is often the reason why many of the resumes I’ve seen as a resume writer include a list of jobs that are short-term in nature.

This is also directly related to a trend I’ve observed, where many of my resume clients place more of an emphasis on the jobs they’ve held or are searching for now, rather than looking at development of an entire career. There seems to be an uncertainty about when a job becomes a career. I have coached my clients to develop a different viewpoint and look at jobs from the perspective of how those employment opportunities

Employment Trends In The Environmental Industries Clean Energy Is Going Strong

The Environmental Entrepreneurs, a national nonpartisan group of business owners and investors who advocate for good environmental policies, discussed their Clean Energy Jobs Report. The organization believed that clean energy and clean transportation projects will be a major factor in American job creation and, ultimately, economic growth.

This is a significant finding that is great for all those looking for positions in the field. Employment is strong due to projects created in 2015 and 2016 in 22 states, producing almost 10,500 jobs.

· With 8,826 positions, the Renewable Energy sector showed the highest number, broken down to 6,450 for solar generation, 2,183 for wind generation, and 193 for biofuels. Much of the growth came from the favorable government policies and the lowered cost of materials. Manufacturing of advanced vehicle as well as solar and wind technology yielded 1,075 openings with 570 jobs in other industries, such as recycling and smart grids.

· With 2,164 jobs, Texas led the list of states offering the most jobs. Nevada came in second with 1,900 positions, and California was third with 1,200. Other states in the top ten employment list include Utah, North Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia

Two Major Stock Broker Jobs

A stock broker is a regulated professional person who usually works with a broker-dealer or brokerage firm. Buying and selling securities such as stocks for institutional and retail clients is what stock broker jobs entail most of their working day. They sell the stocks and other securities over the counter or through a stock exchange and in return they receive a commission or fee.

When looking at stock market jobs there are two major jobs that you can consider. You could work as a full-service broker or a discount broker. When working as a full-service stock broker you will not only facilitate trades on behalf of the investors but also provide investment advice on opportunities. They do this for a fee. A discount-broker is more focused on the service of facilitating the orders as they are placed my small and large investors without giving any additional advice. The key difference between the two major jobs include the level of support that they provide to clients along with the fees that brokerage firms generate

You can find both of these stock market jobs when you work at a discount brokerage house. If not there then you can

Employment Opportunities and University Degrees Related to the UAV Industry

Drones as they are widely called come in various types and sizes and each requires a particular pilot to fly them. Drone pilots or operators are widely needed in various sectors in order to perform certain tasks. A drone pilot is needed to operate a commercial drone for taking wedding photographs, conducting a search and find operation, taking an aerial view of a city, and other services. Drone pilots are considered as one of the widely searched occupations because its demand increases as its need rises. Drone pilots are employed by telecommunication companies to perform weather forecast; the movie industry also makes use of drone pilots for filming movie scenes and taking exceptional photographs.

The UAV industry is very wide and as such has over the years made job opportunities available to people who are interested in working in the UAV industry. The industry has greatly improved without waiting for the government’s fund or investment. The industry is filled with private investors who are interested in the growth of the industry and are always ready to invest in drone technology. According to the report published by Beth Stevenson in 2015, Consultancy Teal Group carried out a

Roofing Maintenance Jobs Why Are They Necessary

Without proper precautions, work on ceilings and roofs is one of the most hazardous construction operations. The most common accidents among people happen due to:

1. Falls from the roof edge;

2. Falls through openings in the ceilings;

3. Falls through fragile roofs.

Thus, roofing maintenance jobs become a very important thing indeed. You can’t just get a roof installed and forget about it. You need to maintain it too. There are many companies these days that offer excellent services in protecting its decks, roofs and channels at height and the latest technology in construction materials and remodeling of their roofs. Preventive maintenance of metal roofs is essential for their life and the attention to detail lengthens and reduces the inconsistencies in its cover, ceilings, and channels. If the damage is already done, a proper intervention will save money, time and unnecessary inconvenience.

Weather conditions too cause rapid deterioration of metal roofs. These elements have a limited shelf life by the conditions of use and maintenance.

Damage caused by incorrect or no maintenance generate incidents such as oxidation, leaks, noises, downspouts, jams, etc, which necessarily involve economic damage in addition to production

The Concept of Working a Job Seems Not As Viable Anymore

I believe that the concept of worthwhile employment is slowly dwindling away from us in this millennium. The only exceptions are those who have speciality university degrees. Employers to stay in business have such demands on them today, compared to those earlier in the last century building companies. Business Owners are now required to spend so much more of their revenues on safety, taxes, insurance, and laws protecting their employees than before. Not to mention the additional costs of doing business with their client’s demands. Things like access for those with disabilities, or more recent the plight of society in having gender neutral bathrooms. This all cost money which partially consumers pay for as service in pricing, and rest going on the backs of their employees. With all these additional expenses staying in business means in many cases not being able to hire enough staff. Those who are working are expected to fill multiple positions for no extra wages. The rub is one must be a positive team player, buying into their company’s corporate cultures, even though not making a living. Taking these things into consideration, here is what I see happening in the job market…


The Challenges of Finding a New Job for the Stay at Home Parent

Finding any sort of job is a difficult task in the current climate. But for those who have taken years out of the workforce the toughest challenge may just be building their confidence to start looking. Returning back to work after a career break can seem almost untenable, yet many do just this either by choice or necessity.

To start building up your confidence, consider the training you already have, both inside and outside of work. Acknowledge the range of skills you have as a parent. Many of them are also useful in the workplace, including: time management, communication, budget management and teamwork. You can also take 2-3 weeks refreshing courses that will update your qualification and also build up your confidence. MOOC courses, that are free, are a great idea for the challenged budget. MOOC stands for “massive open online courses”, and these are training courses of all kinds, offered by universities. Search for MOOC on your favourite search engine to find the most popular consolidated websites. Once you have raised your confidence and took up the reins again, all practicalities of doing your chosen job will come back to you.

Develop a habit of

Escape The City Jobs

For a long time I wondered what possibilities there were to enable anyone to have a completely free life. A ‘free’ life eventually came at too high a cost in my career and waiting for highly paid work to arrive proved too much to bear at times. A flexible career also became a weight around my neck as I waited tirelessly for work and then was afraid to spend money and live fully.

Although I had what many considered to be the ultimate flexible job in the film industry, it wasn’t helping me to become free, or rather I was relying on an unreliable income source.

I searched for an answer in the form of an online income stream. If I could make regular money from the internet it would balance out the short falls and quiet times of my other work. Little would I know that it would lead to something even better – a reliable income from the internet.

That was the dream – constant income flowing on tap from automated sources. Unfortunately it took much longer than I expected and I lost a lot of living in the process. I lost some

Building a Meaningful Career As a Therapist

A speech and language therapist, also known as a speech-language pathologist, is a clinician who specialises in diagnosing speech and language disorders in children and adults and provides treatments accordingly. Articulation disorders, stuttering, difficulties in pronouncing various sounds, understanding others, sharing ideas are few examples of speech and language disorder.

Here are the reasons to choose Speech Therapy as a career:

Job Opportunities:

Whatever field you choose as a career, the very first thing you shall consider is the job opportunities it can offer in the future. If you choose speech therapy as a career, your decision is absolutely correct as it opens many career windows for you. There are a variety of options from which you can choose like public and private school systems, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, corporations etc.

Learning opportunities:

Speech therapy is a career where you learn something new every day. No two people having communication or language disorder are alike. Being a speech therapist you have to handle every patient in a different manner. For that purpose, you have to study your patient thoroughly and do research to find the best treatment for him. During such activities, one gets